Poems in Journals and Anthologies, 2002-2009

2002 ‘Light Snow Along the Lungarno’ and ‘South China Signature’ (trans. Liu Pingping) in Culbridge. E-journal, USST, Shanghai, China.
2004 ‘Support Your Locale Poet’ and ‘Raema’ in Poet’s Corner Anthology. (ed Frances McCaulay Forde), Perth. [ISBN 0-9544723-6-5]
2005 ‘Two Poems for a Friend’ (trans. Ou Yangyu) in Contemporary Australian Poetry, anthology,(eds Ou Yangyu and John Kinsella), Wuhan, China. [ISBN 978-7-5321-3188-4/1-2422]
2005 ‘Lake Visitants’ in Marginata, Journal of WA Writers Centres, (ed Rob Finlayson) Perth.
2006 ‘Winter Campus’ in Love Lines, Anthology of Peter Cowan Writers Centre, (ed )Perth.
2006-2007 ‘Incidente Stradale’, ‘Vigneti Del Gallo Nero’, ‘Terra Etrusca’, ‘Four Autumn Quartets’, ‘Campi d’Autunno’, ‘Sassi Chiantigiani’ in The Florence Newspaper, Florence. Italy.
2007 ‘Streets of Southern Cross’/ ‘Strade di Southern Cross’ (Trans, ) in Ascoltura UAI, E-journal, Italy.
2008 ‘Five Minutes and Five Years’ and ‘Two Poems for a Friend’ in Masthead 11: Poetry Etc: Poems and Poets, (eds Andrew Burke and Candice Ward), Sydney: Masthead/Alison Croggan, in
2008 ‘Straining Wire’ in Lines in the Sand. Anthology, Fellowship of Australian Writers, (eds Julienne van Loon and Glen Phillips), Tom Collins House Press, Perth. [ISBN 978064469005 2]
2008 ‘La Capraia’, ‘The Moon Belongs to No One’ and ‘Two Poems for a Friend’ in stylus poetry e-journal, (ed ), Australia.
2008 ‘Spring Burning’ in Penguin Anthology of Australian Poetry (ed John Kinsella), Penguin, Melbourne. [ISBN 9780143008716]
2008 ‘I Saw an Echidna’ in Australian Poetry Collaboration 15 e-journal (ed ), Australia.
2008 ‘Straining Wire’ in Thirst, Vol 1 Issue 2, (ed Bronwyne Thomason), Melbourne. [ISSN 1833-1408]
2008 ‘Straining Wire’ in Prosopisia: An International Journal of Poetry and Creative Writing, (ed Anurag Sharma ) Ajmer, India. [ISSN 0974 1011]
2008 ‘Brush Strokes for the Courtesan’ in Thirst, Vol 2, Issue 1, (ed Bronwynne Thomason), Melbourne. [ISSN 1833-1408]
2009 ‘The Remarkable Absence of Birds’ in Blood Orange Review, 4.3 , (eds Hummel, Lennox and Fry) Berkeley, Calif.

Prose Fiction in Journals
2007-8 ‘An Autumn Leaf or Two from Tuscany’, ‘Only a Pair of Old Shoes’ and ‘Prova’ in Florence News, Florence, Italy.
2008 ‘Road Kill’ in Thirst, Vol 2, Issue 2, (ed Bronwyne Thomason), Melbourne. [ISSN 1833-1408]

Poetry Book Collections (original poems)
Phillips, G.R.E. and Born, Anne (2008) Singing Granites: Poetry of Devon and Gondwanaland, Oversteps Press, Devon. [ISBN 978 1 906856 00 7]
Phillips, G.R.E. (2009) Shanghai Suite and Other Chinese Poems, Landscape and Language, Perth [ISBN 978 0 846 51037 8]
Phillips, G.R.E. (2009) Redshift Cosmology: Forty-two Name Day Poems, self-published, Perth.
Phillips, G.R.E. (2009) The Moon Belongs to No One, Salt Publishing [In Press].
Phillips, G.R.E. (2011) A Show of Colours, ICCL Press.

Poetry Collections Edited
Phillips G.R.E. and Julienne van Loon (eds) (2008) Lines in the Sand: Contemporary WA Writing, Fellowship of Australian Writers, Cottesloe. [ISBN 978064649005 2]
Phillips, G.R.E., Clark, Sally and Thomason, Bronwyne (eds) (2005) Acupuncture for Turtles, Black Swan Press, Bentley. [ISBN 0 9757519 1 3]

Non Fiction Books
Phillips, G.R.E. and Taylor, A. (eds) (2008) Contrary Rhetoric: the Landscape Lectures, Fremantle Press, Fremantle. [ISBN 9781921361050]
Phillips G.R.E. and Julienne van Loon (eds) (2008) Lines in the Sand: New Writing from Western Australia, Fellowship of Australian Writers, Cottesloe. [ISBN 978064649005 2]